Our Mission

  • to bring the finest artists to audiences in Wimbledon and South West London.
  • to give a platform to exceptional artists in the early stages of their careers.
  • to commission and perform new works from international composers in association with our global partners.
  • to create distinctive original productions.
  • to encourage the active involvement of students in Merton Borough schools, by helping to fund educational projects, often linked to WIMF original productions.

Founded in 2009

Our aim has been to inspire audiences young and old by offering the opportunity of hearing some of the very best musicians in the world performing live in venues close to their doorsteps.

Sixteen days at the end of November each year are devoted to glorious music-making in Wimbledon and nearby areas. The Festival period was chosen to embrace St Cecilia’s Day, November 22nd, and we like to celebrate the Patron Saint of Music with events involving the community.


World-Class Performers

During the rest of the year we are out looking and listening to find the very best of world-class performers to bring to the Festival. Some are household names, some are inevitably less well known but we think are equally top notch.

Often the pleasure is all the greater in discovering a new artist, or being introduced to an unfamiliar sound world. Some of our ‘hidden gems’ – such as ‘Gesualdo’, or the superb ‘Calefax Reed Quintet’ – have proved to be many people’s event of the Festival.